East Coast Meets Best Coast – Firefly!

The Firefly/PVD Serenity.

After designing the new titanium road and mountain bike dropouts for they guys at Firefly Bicycles in Boston, it was time for my payback. A nice titanium mountain bike. Of course, the design of the bike would be as specific as the dropout designs. I had a vision of exactly what I needed. The goal of the bike was to be a leggy, lean mountain bike for longer excursions on smoother trail. The bike also needed to be able to rail some real trail when the situation called. It should fit that bill nicely.

I’m going to test out the 38/26 & 11-34 gearing as it sits now. If that isn’t manageable (out of shape) I’ll swap out to a more trail oriented 36/24 & 11-32 gearing. We’ll see how that goes.

I’ve never had a bike so nicely crafted. The welding and detail are flawless. It just looks fantastic! Thanks so much!


Named after the Firefly class transport ship in the scifi epic of the same name. The Serenity.


The print showing the critical dimensions supplied to they guys at Firefly for making the bike. I get a little specific…

Note a few details:

* 30.9mm seat post – I wanted an option to add a dropper post when fully sorted late models are introduced. Now it’s the only 30.9mm posted Firefly.
* Future style FD routing – Front derailleur stops will be fazed out in the next few years. I’ll clean this up with a band clamp version when we see it.
* Great and proven Bay Area geometry. Low, slack, fast. All three. Weight set back for fast decending. Nice and flexy to hug the trail.
* Max tire clearance of 2.0″ – Running anything larger on a 700c wheel is just dumb. Kenda 1.95″ loaded.
* Cable routing for great function – PVD routing eliminates contaminates while keeping trail serviceability.
* Light, wide rims – What more could you ask for?
* Front end options – Squish or rigid. Fully sorted. This bike will be fun in the city with a carbon fork, leaner tires, and taller gearing. Smashingly good fun.