I recently got a call on the phone about a print that I had put up somewhere online with the details of a Shimano hyperglide 9 spd cassette interface. It turns out that it was the only dimentioned print of a Shimano Hyperglide interface found on the web. I had forgotten about it. It was kind of a cool little thing that I had fiddled with. Sometimes, reverse engineering is a great way to pass the time and learn about design and push ideas into the head.

As usual when I re-address a topic, I took the chance to improve a model of mine. I had been meaning to put some real work into this simple part. Designing simple parts is amazing. There is so little to work with that you have to work with subtle ideas to keep flow. Always a good thing.

I don’t know if this is exactly what the factory uses for production. I made it up as I saw it. I’m sure it will work well. There are actually a few problems with the way I have the part dimensioned here. I should sit down with it for a while so that things make sense on the production end. Doing that right will take a few hours.

I guess that I need to take a look at some deep groove 10 speed, and 11 speed cassettes sometime soon. It would be nice to get those down on paper.


A quick rendering of the initial part.


Here’s another quick rendering showing what can be done with a design in about 10 more minutes to spruce it up a bit and add a ton of character. We shed off weight without reducing the strength and leave what nature wants. A few simple and tiny changes and the design pops. That’s what we like to see! Bling.

PVD Single Speed Sprocket. Loverz Edition.

**There are some obvious mechanical issues with this design. I rendered it as it looked cool and provides some inspiration for a direction to go. Please don’t think that I consider this a final usable product.