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That’s right.
Pimpin’ ain’t easy.

I try to look very closely at all aspects of my riding. That’s not restricted to my bike or the trails that I’m on but also what I’m wearing. Anything can be optimized! What do you need? Make that happen.

I’ve talked in the past about the need to cut down motocross pants and long downhill shorts to have proper cycling shorts for the kind of mountain biking that I do. Lots of crashes and banging around. We need real protection, especially when riding in the wet. Real cordura is the best bet in town for falling down. In the rain, it gives cold water something to bounce off rather than washing into the warm wet underneath. You gotta use this in the winter.

In my world, we also need to be dope as fuck when we ride. Anyone can dress off the rack but are you going to make a statement? Are you going to have real flair. Do that! Project runway dank memes!

These new shorts are amazing! To match the killer pink panther pink paint on the Warbird, I got ahold of some dope ass pink polka-dot motocross pants to cut down. These were 2018 Troy Lee Designs GP Polka Dot Pants-Black/Flo Pink, Size 36 (207491203). Pretty in pink and not super expensive.

This was back in September 2019. The job of cutting the pants down and have enough material to add a niced cuff extension proved to be a pretty big job. I was able to separate a lot of the usable fabric from the bottom of the pant. That took a lot of work. The leather protection and elastic parts consumed a lot of the pant lower. Thus, planning the work of making the cuff proved to be a daunting task that I just kept putting off.

Early this week, my wife, Windy, was bored (COVID-19 crackdown) and stepped up to get the job done. She did an awesome job. I’m grateful.