Soil Saloon SF, 2010#2

Last night I went to the Soil Saloon race with Michelle at Golden Gate Park.

What a great night and great event. The Soil Saloon folks really know how to host a really great time. Since I was again not racing (lamo!) and since Michelle decided not to ride a good bike to the race, we opted to help out with the shot/shot station. A shot of ‘juice’ and a shot at the scary dinosaur target. It was nice to help and it was great to have frantic folks charging you eager to get the obligatory stamp.

Someone isn’t racing because her bike is not cool enough!

Brian fucking HATES on dinosaurs!

This guy saved the tribe, kept us fed and warm, got all the women and passed his marvelous genes on to many generations of humans.

The enemy.

Bikes at rest.


Pedal Panties!!!