The rides of early November 2015

We’ve been hard at work on riding our Bay Area trails. The theme of 2015 seems to be to ride the trail bike like a DH rig. Crush rocks. Smash everything.

A trip to Pacifica, Stafford, and yet another trip to Rockville was the score for this weekend. Quite the diverse selection. Loam, jumps, and rocks. The rides haven’t been very pedaling intensive but they have been pushing limits.


Ronen wanted to go to Rockville again. He’s obsessive. I wanted to stop by the SF Bike Expo, see some folks, then go to Pacifica for something different. On Saturday, I got my way. Spencer joined in and learned the ways of the sword.

I like Pacifica. I don’t go as often as it deserves. Maybe I will as my jumping improves and I can hit XXX a bit harder. (yay Stafford!). 911 is just amazing. So nice right now. Love that trail. I got such a good pace on the bottom section, fast ‘n loose!


The Bottle Drop. It’s important to hit this whenever at Pacifica. So smooth. I love looking up at this monster.


We figured out the line for the rock on Crack. It used to be a fairly straightforward small huck. Amateur. In the recent years the whole underside of the rock has washed away. It’s pretty crazy now. Not an easy hit. Gotta just boost off the top. Pro.

Crashed pretty hard trying the wrong line for the rock. That’s not shown. Don’t take that line. The big rock at the bottom makes a very poor landing ramp.

Played on the senders. Just seeing how big the first one can get. Power and speed.

Ronen rode the rock. He pulled it clean but I’m just showing his crash because whatever bitches!


No photos or video from my Sunday Stafford session but I came just a couple of inches from clearing the advanced jump line. So stoked that I might hopefully clean it on my next trip.
I also got to race Iggy a couple times on the dual slalom. He’s pretty amazing out there. I just need to do some more practice and I will be more of a challenge for him. I haven’t put enough time on that track. Watching Iggy ride it is amazing. Probably the best visual rider out there for sure.


I was feeling pretty beat and bruised on Monday at Rockville. I got some hits in but mostly took photos. Still learning how to make the 7D Mark II work the way I need it to.

It turned out to be a good day to wear my full face helmet. I was goofing a baby line and didn’t plan my exit. Ended up crashing on my face and eating a mouth of dirt. Ugh.


Ronen put some work into sending the Waterslide. It was big.