The spreader bar

I made this handy tool a while back. A Spreader Bar. It works very well. This bar was intended for hanging from the ceiling and suspending from or in-line on the ground connecting hands and feet. It’s a little long for some uses but will cover a very many.

It’s 5 feet long, only weighs a pound or two, and is very strong (4130 cro-mo), expertly TIG welded. Add to that powder-coated in a luscious red for durability and sexiness.

In use it’s very nice to hold on to for support and it feels great in the hands. All the anchors make connection to the ceiling easy and secure. The several anchors also make for many options connecting the model as well. Lets just say that this can be used for quite a while without getting bored.

With the right girlfriend, I plan on doing a series of bars and gadgets to add on this theme. There are so many different options… It’s just tough to work on this kind of stuff in a vacume.