There’s something about Mary.

This past week has been all about Mary. Two of them in fact. Mary Pralinsky and Mary Moncorgé. Mary Pralinsky is a friend of mine racing DH as an expert this season. Mary Moncorgé is racing PRO in GRT and nationals with Santa Cruz Alliance. Both needed fully prepped race bikes for the season. They were nice enough to come to my shop to make sure everything was done right.

One thing that makes a bike that I work on different than most is that the job gets done right no matter what needs to be adjusted, modified, or fabricated. Also, I’ve got a nice inventory of special PVD designed and machined parts that are completely unavailable to anybody else. Below is a nice example of that. Super light ground stainless steel reducer bushings for shock bearings. These things free up the shock to move so much faster than most pooky stock configurations. They dramatically improve feel and feedback over high frequency low amplitude surfaces. They seal out dirt and mud, keeping lube intact and clean. They also mount to the frame in the most structurally advantageous way often neglected by most manufactures. I love these little devils. This is a pair of 22mm setups made for Mary Moncorgé’s carbon SC V10 (DH) and carbon SC Nomad (Super D)

Mary Moncorgé’s Carbon Santa Cruz V10. (still waiting for racing wheels and tires). Note the huge RS Vivid air shock to match the Boxxer World Cup air fork. Race weight should be about 32 pounds. Super sick.

Mary Pralinsky’s Canfield Jedi. A mix of new and used parts. Super solid and tight. 39 pounds.

Good luck ladies!!!