500 proof

I got a new spring for my 2013 Giant Glory w/ RS Vivid shock.

I’ve been using a 450lb spring since getting the bike together at the beginning of last season. It was the stock spring that came with the frame. My setup last season was a bit soft though as I was still nursing a wrist injury so I really wasn’t hitting the bike hard. This season, I’m feeling a lot more on my game and I’m working the bike a bit more.

500#x2.75″ springs have been out of stock for quite a while in the US and I was sick of waiting so I ponied up and ordered a spring from Chain Reaction Cycles in Europe. They sell springs under their house brand, Nukeproof. The spring arrived yesterday. I’ll me mounting it to my bike and run it on my next trip to Northstar. I’m hoping it feels nice.


The spring appears to be of identical manufacture as the RockShox Vivid springs. I’m sure they are the same. Another thing that tells me that is that the last few Vivid spring that I received rated very well and this Nukeproof spring does as well. Pretty much a perfect 500# spring.


DSC_2508 DSC_2503