A Ruota Libera

Thanks to Sean Walling at Soulcraft and Una Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco has it’s own custom bicycle show. For the second year, I figured that I would spend my time looking at the people. Those photos are posted on my Facebook page so folks can share more easily.


Two bikes stood out from the crowd. One was in the show and the other was parked outside.

Rick Hunter brought a dirtjumper bike that had some incredible detail and inspiring aesthetic. I was stoked to look at it.

The other bike was extremely special for other reasons. It brought the whole DIY concept to another level. Also, it was completely old school authentic. Darryl Skrabak’s bike.

Here’s what Cameron had to say about the guy and the bike:

“His name is Darryl Skrabak.  One of the original SFBC people, I think he started the SF Randonneurs, worked at the Cal Academy of Sciences for years in the machine shop building and repairing exhibits, Paris Brest Paris finisher (I think more than once).  All around SF cycling  legend and excellent eccentric.  Put together the milly ride with Henry Kingman www.milly.org, check it out.  The bike was Kingmans and he set a record at PBP on it for unsupported fastest time I believe. Darryl is rad.”