April Fools photo shoot.

We got out to one of our favorite trails to do a photo shoot this Sunday. Perfect weather. Great dirt. Much stoke.

Ronen, John, Shea, me and Annie the dog put our time in trying to get some good shots. I wish the focus and bounce were as much a match as our efforts.

On this day, we were shooting on one of the hardest trails around. Not THE hardest, but a serious ride for any rider. It’s always crazy how small things look in photos that are terrifyingly huge in real life. Perspective and lighting could help a bit. I need to learn more about this.

One of the great things about these photo sessions is that we have the time and impetus to master sections. I came away from this day with a whole new outlook on two of the hardest sections of this trail. It really makes a difference. At the end, on the section that had given me the hardest time, I was trying to go as big as my entry would allow. The bigger I went, the smoother the whole section got. I ended up just wanting to lift off faster than I could get. A complete change from the last time I went down the trail.


Still, some fun shots.