Reverb B1 170mm and the frame fit issue

I got the new Reverb B1 170mm seatpost right away. Of course.


Riding the B1 is really nice. After riding on Reverb Stealth A2 150mm and KS LEV Integra 150mm posts (until now, both the best in the business), this post is noticeably more solid, smooth, and controlled. It really feels like the great part you always imagined a dropper would be, only to be a little let down by the reality.

Of course, the increased stroke of the 170mm version from the 150mm is very nice and the driver for my purchase. When really rallying on crazy rough trail, the 150mm drop still leaves the saddle in a noticeable position that can become a factor. With the 170mm stroke post, that’s gone. It was amazing the the difference going from 125mm to 150mm was. Going from 150mm isn’t as huge of a difference but is real and important for aggressive riders. Dropping one of our most challenging trails yesterday in the poring rain, the 170mm B1 got the saddle enough out of the way that I was really impressed. That extra 20mm really counts when you are on the edge of dying or winning.

The B1 is also noticeably faster in return than the old A2. At the fastest speed, it’s just right. A solid thunk at just the right time. The older Reverbs were a bit on the slow side. Very good.

I haven’t taken the post apart yet but the change in the IFP should be an improvement over the old o-ring design. We will see in time if the durability claims are true.

Generally, everything on the new B1 is better….except for the same crappy actuator button. Please RockShox, give us a nice lever option! Please!

I’m on a large Scott Genius LT and run my WTB Silverado (low profile) saddle at about 740mm on trail. As it sat, I could only get down to a 746mm saddle height. Just on the high side. My initial ride with the saddle set up like this was ok, but the problem needed to be corrected.

Last night I cut the seat tube of the bike down about 8mm to get me to the right height and offer a couple of millimeters of play.

Sawing the post square is a challenge but a few strokes of a sharp file correct for that quickly. A little emery cloth smooths things nice.

This is going to be an issue for a lot of folks that run larger bikes. Be creative and things can work.

Also, before you get a 170mm post, make sure you have the space for one. Not just in seat tube length but from pivot or bends below.