Bleeding better

Here’s some nice stuff for bleeding Shimano brakes.

This allows you to push fluid through the system in both directions. Each method has advantages.

My preferred fluid is Pentosin CHF 7.1 (BMW# 81221468879). It’s nicer than the Shimano fluid. Waste oil goes into my chain lube bottle because it’s also my favorite chain lube. Another miracle of the Pentosin 7.1 fluid, it is an acceptable substitute for cartridge fork fluid. It has an ISO 18.6 viscosity which is just slightly thicker than the ISO 16.5 that most cartridge forks are engineered around. A bit pricey to use it that way in a shop environment, but you can’t predict what you might need at the track.

For late model Shimano levers, you need to get SM-DISC-BP (Oil Funnel Tool with Stopper) ahead of time. It’s super cheap so just get it ordered today.

For making cheap lines to connect to the caliper, buy a few TL-BR52 (Bleed Adapter & O-ring) Again, they are very cheap. Buy several.

I like the syringes of the Avid Professional Bleed Kit (00.5315.025.010). Very sturdy and well fitted. You could also just buy the recently released: WST031 – JAG Pro Mineral Oil Kit. It’s got you covered for general use.

I like to have a good catch bottle for bleeding from the master. Just drill a few holes in the cap for the hose and hanger.