X-Fusion guts

I recently set a bike with an X-Fusion Velvet fork.

The wheel diameter is 704mm so I had the fork set up for 650b and 80mm of travel. That choice proved to be poor as it increased the length of the fork more than I designed for (478 vs 467mm) and I actually had plenty of room in the fork without the tire contacting the crown. I set about correcting this.

While doing so, it gave me the chance to really see how these forks are designed. I wanted to lighten the damping as I want very active compliance on small bumps with this bike.

I had 20mm of wheel clearance to the crown when bottoming as set for 650b. A spacer is removed to get the fork to bottom lower. The spacer is about 7mm but because of the geometry of the situation the resulting change is 10mm. This change brings me to 10mm of clearance.

1. Remove 650b spacer (10mm)
2. Adjust travel spacer for 26″ 80mm (10mm)

The travel then needed adjusting to correspond with 26″ placement. The 10mm clip spacer is removed and the pinned spacer is moved down to the 80mm position.
Tools needed:
Park SCW-28, 28mm spanner – Top cap removal.
Park SCW-19, 19mm spanner – damper disassemble.
Park SPA-1, pin wrench (2.9mm) – spring side end piece
11mm deep socket – Damper side nut
12mm deep socket – Spring side nut
Roll pin punch – travel adjust
9mm shaft clamp (optional, preferred)
1.5mm allen tool – Caps and knobs
2.0mm allen tool – Brake hose clamp screw


Damper – Torco RSF Light (purple)- ISO 14.50
Lubrication – Torco RSF Medium (red) – ISO 31.82

I’ll be replacing those with

Damper – Red Line Extra Light (blue) –
Lubrication – Red Line Medium (red) –

The damper should be taking 70 cc’s of fluid while the lowers should take 15 cc’s of fluid.