Chopper chop chop

I’d been playing with my MDT LSS Remington 700 chassis for a bit. It’s a bit underdeveloped but it does function well without a lot of needless clutter. There are a number of changes I’d love to make to the design of the chassis: The reduced scale of a special .223 chassis that would use AR-15 type magazines, some real forward furniture, a anti-twist/locator for the stock, an adjustable pistol grip positioning, and just lighter more minimalist design in general.

The hard edges and ergonomics around the hand grip have been causing some irritation in my trigger hand and forward hand placement was impeded by an odd lump ahead of the magwell. I did some hacking with a file as seen on a recent post. I decided that a lot more needed to be removed. It’s always better to be too aggressive than too little, eh.


It was time to toss the chassis into the mill and hog out more bulk. There was a bunch that needed to be removed but I had to be careful not to cut into the recoil lug pocket.

With the modifications, the rifle feels so much nicer now. Even the lines look better. I may remove some more material in time. I’ll wait until I have a few more outings. Certainly, I need to elongate the forward furniture.

It’s a lot nicer. I just need to match the colors.