Fork Up Reworks

You know what comes in very handy and costs a boatload of cash? Hurricane Components Fork Ups. Why? They have a patent. #6036069. So you pay dearly for what they do. Even on the Ebay they are expensive.

Most recent cyclists my not know how hard it was to load a bike onto a car that didn’t have a 9x100mm QR fork but it was a pain in the ass. Nowadays, you have tailgate racks that hold whole bikes and it’s all easy. It wasn’t always like that. Starting in the late nineties, forks started changing. Remember the Marzocchi QR20 or when Cannondale Lefties started showing up? I do. Want to carry one of these on a roof rack tray? You need this part.

Anyway, forks kept changing gone are the 110×20 forks in favor of 110×15 or 100×12. I’m sure they’ll change again but I’m pretty much set to modify what I need.

These are still really useful tools and can really come in handy on a ride. I’ve done more than a few rides with one of these in my Camelbak so that I could hitch a ride from the beach from a friend with just a roof rack. It’s also important when you fill a car on a road trip. The tail-gait spots fill up but you can still put a few bikes on the roof. I also lend these out all the time to help out friends in the same situation. It sucks to not go for such a small reason.

I had 3 old 110x20mm mounts. One of them had been QR20 way back. I just cut them down to 3.50″ (89mm) wide and made some nice delrin inserts on the lathe. I now have two 15×110 TorqueCap adapters and another 15×100 adapter. Even better, they are made to my exacting specifictaions. That’s a nice savings and now my inventory is pretty dense and ready for most situations. As my other bikes move to 12×100 and 12×110, I’ll just convert these by pressing out the old delrin piece and replace with another size.

Back in 2008 I made a couple of adapters for 15×100 as it was first coming out and no other adapters were available. I would make them differently now but they do the job just fine.