Paying in

Yesterday was a fun ride. Getting my injured knee back up to speed has taken longer than I thought. I folded my left knee sideways snowboarding a couple of weeks ago. I think it’s fine but the pain and swelling have persisted and give me doubts. Anyway, I felt good on Sunday and we took a nice damp ride around China Camp.

Of course, if we can go big we are going to try. We were sessioning spots. We spent a while up at the silo. I can’t get over how fun it is to huck into Elevator #5. There’s just so much hang time and drop into such a ‘smooth’ landing. More folks should try it.

Hitler was in especially awesome condition for riding. Winter is the time to get the groove on that trail to prepare for the hell conditions that are presented in the summer. I was in the mood and Ronen went along for testing just how fast we could run the last and hardest section of the trail. My first two runs were great. Probably the best I’ve ever done there. Fast, straight line destruction. No fear. No fucks given.

The third run was different. I got slowed down a little at the top of the section and knocked a little off balance so I wanted to make up for that over the bottom two-thirds of the trail. I let go of the brakes. Then my wheel jumped out, I got knocked off balance again, then I went down. Face first. The suck.

I was lucky. I had a mouth full of rocks and dirt but no broken teeth. I was torn up but not that bad. A bit of blood.

We went on to finish the ride and try some other challenges. We even started laying the groundwork for what should turn into a couple of really sick hits. Should have filmed that. It was a good day.

So, pay in. Pay full price. Ass, cash, or grass. Nobody rides for free and nobody gets out of here alive.