An AngleSet for an AngleSet

Following my last post where I was able to adapt and move forward in development, I produced an offset insert for the 55mm Euro lower headtube on my new 2016 Scott Genius LT. One of my goals is to see how long I can run this thing so it goes super fast down hills. It’s interesting how riding has to change as chassis setup changes. Not bad up or down but faster in some places and much more challenging in less expected places, mainly downhill tight switchbacks.


Stance. It’s cool to see where we have setup options and what we can do when we take a fresh look.


What a difference 1.75mm of offset produces. About 14mm of increase in front end length in addition to what the “1.5 Degree” AngleSet produced. Pretty cool. The bottom bracket lowered 4mm which may require going to the ‘high’ setting in the rear for pedal clearance as the bike was already almost too low.


I made a couple changes to the saddle placement, tires, and headset spacers in the process in addition to the change at the head. The tires that I put on were of two different diameters so I adjusted the print to reflect the more realistic diameter for both. This allows the angles to be relevant.