PVD FM140 Variant

Here’s another post in the never ending saga of the new FM140 mount I’ve been working on.

I decided to go with a special variant to work better with SRAM calipers. SRAM calipers are shifted about 0.3mm outboard. Along with some manufacturing and tooling tolerances as well as paint and clear coat, the 1.omm slot from reference in both the SRAM and Shimano specification is quickly used up in setting the caliper in place. Many builders have been experiencing this issue.

I give an extra 0.5mm of room on the outboard side and is shy of the SRAM and Shimano specification on the inboard side. The slot is 3.0mm overall and should work a lot better in real life.

The new shape of this mount is similar to what was done for the front mount. Supporting the least supported part of the mount to bring strength back to the stay rather than only hacking into it. I think it makes sense, looks good, and improves the outcome of the bike.