Race Face Atlas Pedal Pins

I swapped out the pedals on the Spitfire the other day. The bearings of the Spank Spike pedals needed to be serviced and I wanted to just get going on a ride.

I had made a big modification to the Spike pedals four years ago, Nice long sharp pins. It was a really nice upgrade. Switching to the Race Face Atlas pedals with OEM pins was a noticeable change in grip. I figured it was time to upgrade the Race Face pedals with new pins.

These pins are slightly different than what I made for the spike pedals. The two pedals have different construction. Below is a refined print after I was done making the parts. The OD of the screw was chosen to fit the counterbores in my pedals and a 7/32″ collet that I had for the lathe.

Now, I’m in business with some nice grip on nice pedals.

While the pedals were sitting on my bench, both with PVD pins in them, I weighed them. Wow. Never checked this difference. 351.0 g. vs 437.7 g. Significant.