Samantha with Electra

The time has come for the Samantha fixture to be used to make a bike frame. Wow! Finally.

I feel that it helps to show the fixture just before real use so I produced another video showing the tubes in place before tacking and how they end up being held. The ability to space the tubes from the table has been made more elegant and the bungee ties look clean.

I took a bit of extra time to step back and do an upgrade/re-design of the PVD Wheel Tool. The first version was very nice but in use, there were some issues. I modified the design to work better and have some more positioning flexibility where it mattered.

I realized even after showing this tool in the video that there was room for a bar through the sliding end that can reach out quite wide. I’ve drawn that up so that I can add that when it’s convenient. I like that the modular platform has made changes so easy.

Now it’s officially time to start focusing on making the bikes. That’s going to be a nice change.