Special knarp for dropper posts

Here’s a problem some may have come across when setting up a high performance bike. It’s a little tricky.

I needed to actuate a OneUp dropper post using an older style BikeYoke Triggy lever that used the 4.3mm (diameter) x 4.4mm (long) derailleur cable end at the lever. Typically, for this seatpost, we will clamp at the lever and use the end at the actuator.

This lever was in my stash and on this day, it was the one I needed to use for a build. That meant binding the cable at the bottom of the post. The problem, there really isn’t a common way to do this.

The solution. Cut down a KS #P5713 cable stop to  7.25mm wide. Originally, it is 9.5mm wide which won’t fit in the actuator mechanism of the OneUp post. The KS stop has a 5mm barrel diameter. It would be better if it were a 6mm barrel diameter but something working today is better than nothing working never.

Pair the knarp (common name for this type of end) with a Stainless Steel Flat-Tip Set Screw M4 x 0.7 mm Thread, 3 mm Long from McMaster and you’re up and rolling.

This modification leaves little room for the 3mm hex but it will work if you are careful. A proper design would make this all better but I’ll leave that for the OEMs to figure out.