The Happy photo shoot.

I’m getting old. Fuck.

A simple intercept ride to do a photo shoot. We were going to cut through Tamarancho, ride Split Rock, hike up Repack, and meet Ronen at Happersberger. We did that but the heat of the day and my fitness crushed me. I had no spunk and was in no mood to huck through root trough. I had the camera so I took the pictures. Shea ran the bounce. Windy on meta. No glam for me.

The angry winter of 2016-2017 left Happersberger in terrifying state. It has been ripped and cut into quite a monster. Now, with the dry summer in full bloom, marble like rocks coat the trail. Traction and control are non-existant whenever the brakes are used. For folks who know this trail, brakes will be used….or at least, they will by us noobs.

Ronen stepped up to the challenge. He shredded the trail yesterday. Honest to god running it. These photos, like most, don’t do the trail justice. This is some steep, deep, and insanely challenging trail.