More Blackbird parts are going through the system. It’s so good to see this all come toghether. This is getting very close to happening. Soon.

TurboRamJet, baby. The power at the heart of the beast.

After the monster job of getting chainstay yokes completed, it’s now on to the smaller parts. Head tubes will be last.

Water is power and this tool is god.

Nick, one of the team on this project, killing it at the CAM.

Stacks and stacks of stacks.

The new seatstay yoke. This is an awesome part! It makes a lot of clearance possible for legs and tires. I-beam not easy to see from this side.

Babies in a blanket.

New and improved Anvil tool clones for mounting the PVD StepDown 2.0 brakes. I’ll be doing some final machining to make for clearance during welding.

More, better. Maybe a bit much but solid brake performance is a good thing.