Back in focus, finishing the GSX-R forks

I finished working on the forks from my GSX-R750 K8 this Sunday. I was able to take a short ride on the bike that afternoon and a longer ride on the way to work this morning. The results are simply awesome. Not just in the functioning of the forks themselves but completing the whole bike … Read more

The Gixxer fork – A loss of focus

I’ve got an amazing motorcycle. A 2008 GSX-R750! It’s pretty well modded and specifically put together for my needs and goals. I’ve done everything to it that I’ve wanted to except for one last detail, the fork. Typically, tuning the fork of a motorcycle is one of the first things that I do, not the … Read more

SPRINGS…cause it’s spring!

Ask anybody that has studied physics about springs. They’ll tell you about Hooke’s Law, the linearity of coil springs, and brush them off as the most simple topic. They probably got great grades. Some of them probably got masters degrees or PhDs. The problem is is that they don’t know what they are talking about … Read more

The Gixxer is back!

Since getting my wrist completely shattered at RFT and not being able to do much of anything, I dropped my motorcycle off to BRG Racing to have some work finished that I had started on my motorcycle. I had the motor half apart already but there was no way that I’d be able to continue the job … Read more

These are the fun days of development

I’ve been quite busy lately… The modular throttle project is just about done. Final testing takes place this weekend but this revision is assumed to be the last. Prototyping has been a long process for this. The engineering was quite a learning experience for such a simple little part. A 60 degree variable rate cam that … Read more

Convienience is king!

2008 GSX-R750 Tie Down Tabs for rear end. mounts under the passenger peg bracket. A nice feature for transporting or working on the bike.


Math and numbers rule! You can learn a lot from them. This weekend I put my nose to the grindstone and measured the weights for my bike and weight distribution. Bike weight (full of fuel) – 444.5 lbs. Ride weight (no gear) – 203 lbs. Gear weight – 18 lbs. Weight distribution – 49F/51R (note … Read more

The PVD 60 Degree Throttle Prototype

Here’s a fun little project. Motorcycles have engines. We all know that. What few truely understand is that we use our throttles and gearing to access and make use of those engines. Asside from gearing issues that I will cover later, throttles typically need modification so that we can get all that power we have … Read more

2008 GSX-R750

Here’s the new bike. Soon you’ll be seeing a lot more tuning projects based on this. I’m super stoked.