On this page, I’ve collected just a few of my projects to help communicate what I do. Enjoy.

My resume is HERE.

Bicycle Frame Fixtures, 2020


A need arose for a new type of frame fixture that was intended from the ground up for modern designs and full suspension work. The first version was called the Cyberdyne System. Nothing like it exists.

That fixture worked quite well but a revised version that was considerably cheaper and easier to produce was needed by others. That gave birth to the Skynet. Surprisingly, this may be a superior fixture to the Cyberdyne. A detailed set of plans were made public so others could be helped by this work.

Progressive bicycle with 3D printing and carbon fiber member, 2021


The TIE Advanced X1 is one of my more recent bicycles. Many of the parts were 3D printed and welded or bonded in construction. This uses many proprietary features like the brake caliper mounting system and the handlebar system.

Printed skateboard trucks, 2021


New access to 3D metal printing made it easy to get back to skate trucks. These are the Ground Effect street trucks.

Lecture on design and engineering for framebuilders, 2021

Philly Bike Expo 2021

Modular variable rate throttle for motorcycle


An interesting design challenge. Lobes are shaped to keep both cables functioning while in use. Refined shape for excellent response and modular design for easy changes. Works with stock cables and in stock encasement with minimal modification.

Simple motorcycle lift brackets, 2010


For use with or without passenger footrests.

Skateboard racing trucks, 2001


This is much older work but over 20 years later it still holds up. The Ground Effect R3 trucks were quite a shock to a stagnant market. High end single parameter adjustable racing trucks.

An honest and informative way of looking at race results, 2014


Arraigning finishing positions in order tell us very little about who won or ‘almost won’ a race. Using statistical analysis, we can understand so much more.

Common work at the University


Just a few things that keep me busy helping scientists.


Suspension Valving, 2004


This was a nice idea when I was working a lot with suspension for motorcycles. Sadly, it was never produced but I did make a pretty picture. Within this study was me pointing out that suspension valves should be parabolically shaped. I made this known within many discussions. A few years later, many name brands were producing parabolic valves. Flattering.


Much much more.


A large collection of work is available with less organization.