GXP Helicoil

Under normal circumstances most folks wouldn’t bother with such a repair. They would just throw these cranks away. This isn’t one of those circumstances. This is different. I also don’t like to waste money and know exactly what I want. This part will be repaired. (I also like good content here) I have a couple … Read moreGXP Helicoil

The second most important part of the suspension system

My new CTX700DE has proven to be a pretty awesome motorcycle. It’s super comfortable, easy, and fun to ride. It even takes the hard roads well thanks to the super low center of gravity. I’ve been slowly fixing the various problems with the bike and tuning what is good. One of the most glaring problems … Read moreThe second most important part of the suspension system


The PVD Red Baron has long been the king of all the klunkers. Krunker. The dankest and rawest bitch in town. The bike isn’t a rehashing of old aesthetics. It’s a real modern ‘low’ performance bike. It flys down trail and feels good doing it. The original build was intended as an experiment on what … Read moreKrunk

Keep it radio

On August 1, 1981, a brand new cable station, MTV, aired the first of many music videos in it’s programming. They were to be the first 24/7 music television station. They weren’t the first to air music videos to homes but they were the first that claimed to be all about music and their accompanying video … Read moreKeep it radio

PVD FM140 Variant

Here’s another post in the never ending saga of the new FM140 mount I’ve been working on. I decided to go with a special variant to work better with SRAM calipers. SRAM calipers are shifted about 0.3mm outboard. Along with some manufacturing and tooling tolerances as well as paint and clear coat, the 1.omm slot … Read morePVD FM140 Variant

This sucked.

I started this project last fall and I’m finally getting it done. I’m trying to clear the counters in the shop and I’m hoping to stay on track. I like to use my PVD StepDown brake mount on frames and forks. After welding, some calibration of the mount is good to do. This will help. … Read moreThis sucked.

Stuck Seat Posts

A stuck seat post used to be a very common problem in the world bicycles. There were many steel road bikes and aluminum posts in that era that would never move and galvanic corrosion welded the two parts together. Over time, road bikes became primarily made of aluminum or carbon fiber and assembly life became a … Read moreStuck Seat Posts

Kids bikes

I was thinking about kids bikes this week. There were some discussions of 26″ hardtail design and another on building a kid bike. It sent me off. It’s a good mind experiment. How to design a bike that has no reference? Imagine trying to ride a bike like this? Sadly, that’s what most kids have … Read moreKids bikes

Data Plates

This is a big deal for me. For years, I’ve been looking for a way to mark my bikes. The careful observer may have noticed that close to none of my bicycles have had any identifying marks on them other than the fingerprints of my design aesthetic. No decals. no logos. No marks. Why? Because … Read moreData Plates