Sorry Lorri

This is an apology to Lorri Lee Lown. I was wrong about something and insisted that I was right. I argued that the increased friction caused by heavier riders and the increased drag due to their larger size overcame the increased downward forces generated from gravitational pull compared to smaller lighter riders making the heavier slower. Doubts … Read moreSorry Lorri

You don’t know anything unless you’ve measured it…

You never know anything unless it’s been measured. That’s the rule any engineer lives by. Most people think of suspension systems and tuning them as some sort of voodoo or black art. The #1 problem with these folks is that they really never understood the role that springs play in the system or how springs work in a … Read moreYou don’t know anything unless you’ve measured it…

Power pin!

So, I ordered up a nice little 22lr rifle to reduce my shooting costs and light enough to practice some off bench shooting. It’s a Ruger 77/22 All-Weather. It’s a gun slightly more expensive than it’s competition, but it’s got a great reputation for use, it’s made in America, and it looks awesome. Plus, it’s super light … Read morePower pin!


The dedicated marksman rifle (DMR) – A rifle designed to fill the gap between an assault and sniper rifle. A battle rifle that can maintain accurate rapid fire at ranges up to 600 yards. I decided that it was time to invest in a nice rifle. Something that I could shoot long range (up to … Read morePVD-DMR308


Early this morning, local MTB talent Ben Cruz and one of his bro’s were in the woods in Novato. They were getting a hit lined up involving a stump or tree of some sort. In the stump, they discovered a duffel bag with a few Japanese war rifles in it. Arisakas. This is a boy dream. … Read moreArisaka!


This is a quick little thing. Most folks have seen this before but it’s nice to remember. A fun project to get working correctly in Ai. Give it a try. Obviously, I had to convert the CMYK colors to RGB for this demonstration to be seen on a light emitting source.  


I absolutely love trigonometry. It’s how we come to understand circles and curves. I work at the Physics & Astronomy Department at San Francisco State University. Every semester a few students will express their unease, confusion, and problem doing trigonometric work. Over the years, it’s been shown that, all of them, have never been given … Read moreTrigonometry